Hula and Chant at the University of California Riverside

Mauna Kea Awareness Day: Chant & Hula Action
Wed Mar 13 2019
11am Learn chant in the Arts Quad (courtyard of the Arts Building)
12pm Perform at the Belltower (next to Rivera Library)

Despite protests, lawsuits, and public opposition, University of Hawai’i is going forward with constructing the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) on the sacred mountain of Mauna Kea (on the Big Island of Hawai’i). The University of California is helping to fund this project.

In support of Mauna Kea and stopping this construction, please join us in learning Aunty Pua Case’s Kūkulu chant and hula. Anyone is welcome to participate: the focus is on using your voice, clapping, and four small but powerful hand gestures.

Kumu Malie Mendoza will be leading us and Dance graduate student, Xiomara Forbez, will be assisting. Please see image below for chant and translation.

It will be amazing to have your embodied presence on this extremely important day!


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